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Kiwis prefer to do their mortgage research online.

Let’s be honest. The idea of meeting with your bank manager to discuss the mortgage is a concept you heard from your parents, or even grandparents. They also proudly mentioned how they bought their first house for $15,000! Things have changed dramatically in the last few generations. Emerging technologies, global pandemics and simple lack of time have totally reshaped the way global consumers, particularly Kiwis, want to engage with financial service providers.

The evolving mortgage market.

A recent study by KPMG of mortgage trends globally in 21-65 year olds has shown that 94% of participants in the UK and Australia want to research their mortgage online. It also reveals that 99% of Aussies, Canadians and British respondents see a competitive exchange rate as the single most important factor when evaluating a loan. And 33% of respondents say they were looking to renegotiate their mortgage or switch lenders within the next 12 months.

Kiwis are no different. And with bank branches closing across the country, this digital need is increasing. has been created to help all New Zealanders on their journey to finding a competitive home loan that fits their needs. When you’re armed with the correct information, you can evaluate the benefits of multiple lenders and quickly determine which loan will be best for you.

Meet Tony Alexander

Tony has been working as an economist in New Zealand since returning from Sydney in 1987. He worked first for Westpac, followed by a share broking firm. Then he spent 26 years with BNZ, with almost 25 years as their Chief Economist. Tony’s focus has always been on translating developments and trends in the economics sphere into words that people can understand. and Tony work together on a monthly survey of mortgage advisors. This provides a unique perspective on housing sector developments and, particularly, changes in bank lending rates and policies.

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