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Our purpose.

We exist to give New Zealanders a stress-free way to find the best home loan for their situation and future goals. To do this, we provide reliable information and fast access to handpicked mortgage advisers.

The best mortgage decisions are made with reliable independent information. Working with facts helps you to identify and assess relevant home loan options. You can then make the most of personalised advice and support from an experienced mortgage broker.

Everyone’s situation is different, so our site includes a range of in-depth guides, insights, handy calculators, and expert news articles. Whether you’re first home buyers, next home buyers, refinancers, renovators, or property investors, we have unbiased mortgage information to help you make the right decision.

Our story. began when we saw the need for a comprehensive source of independent home loan information in New Zealand; a source that doesn’t tie directly to a specific bank or mortgage company.

We also noticed how media stories focus on negative and sometimes conflicting messages about the property market. They don’t provide easy-to-read detailed guides. Instead they talk about house prices and interest rates, often with a political or New Zealand economic focus. It can be hard to distil a decent home loan strategy from news stories alone.

Since our launch in 2020, we’ve become New Zealand’s number one source of independent home loan information. Our arrival in the market has made it easier to find information, understand the different types of home loans and connect with good mortgage advisers. It’s how we help people to quickly find the best home loan set up for their needs, from the wider New Zealand market.

Making it easy to find a good mortgage broker is an important part of our mission. In countries like Australia and the UK, 80% to 90% of mortgages are facilitated through a broker. In New Zealand it’s now over 60% and steadily trending upwards, the banks are relying increasingly on brokers to advise customers, prepare applications and guide people through to the purchase of their new home.

Our founder.

Marcus Phillips, the founder of and has worked in the finance industry for the last decade has been a director at two international foreign exchange companies in New Zealand.

While working closely with mortgage brokers, Marcus noticed that getting home loan pre-approval often came down to the quality of the information you had available or the adviser you worked with. He realised there were no independent websites dedicated to providing free, balanced mortgage and insurance information in New Zealand. He also recognised the challenge of finding a reputable, regulated mortgage adviser.

Marcus made it his mission to help all New Zealanders on the journey from researching home loan information to getting free professional advice from a financial adviser and successfully applying for the best possible home loan.

In short, Marcus and the team at want to simplify the mortgage process for people, maximise their home loan opportunities and help them make well-informed decisions.

In his youth, he was a professional football player in the top divisions of six countries, including the English premier league. Marcus now lives on Auckland’s North Shore, and is supported by his wife and two daughters.

Meet Karina.

Head of strategic partnerships

Karina Reardon has worked in Financial Services for the last two decades. Her career started as an adviser, helping Kiwi’s purchase their homes, and protect their families’ assets. Karina then worked for the nation’s biggest mortgage and insurance aggregator, as a business development executive helping advisers improve their sales, marketing, and business management skills.

In recent times, she has been mentoring and leading a team of advisers in Loan Market’s #1 performing New Zealand office.

Karina’s experience and industry knowledge has allowed her to create a database of mortgage advisers who subscribe to and share her weekly commentary through their social and digital channels.

Karina is a well-respected and popular member of the industry, and is proud to have her represent our brand.

Our authors.

Our team of financial content writers use plain English and common sense to bridge the information gap between lenders and borrowers. By making complicated topics easy to digest and understand, our writers help New Zealanders to navigate their way through the ever-changing world of home loans.

Jo Joiner

Jo is one of New Zealand’s most experienced and respected web content writers. 

Murray Joiner

Murray enjoys taking dry facts and turning them into articles that are both interesting and helpful.

Expert authors.

Our panel of expert authors have a close-up view of New Zealand’s mortgage market and the many factors that impact it. Their input helps to ensure our site stays up with the times and presents content that’s relevant to the widest range of property buyers. As well as acting as a sounding board for new guides and articles, our experts help us to predict upcoming content requirements.

Mark Mountcastle
Lisa McShane
Jon Armour
Forbes McHardy
Nicole Pervan
Campbell Smith
Tony Alexander

We work with awesome.

To help home buyers and owners find more than mortgage information, we’ve teamed up with trusted providers of expert commentary, property listings, market values and sales histories. We’ve also made it easy to connect with reputable, regulated mortgage advisers who have been handpicked from companies across New Zealand.

Visit the Learning Centre.

Visit our Learning Centre for carefully-researched articles that are relevant to your situation. Our resources are organised into categories – first home buyer, next home buyer, property investing, refinancing, building and general news. Authors include independent economist Tony Alexander and experts from the NZ home loan industry.
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