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Lisa McShane


Head of Home Loan Partners and Specialists


Auckland, NZ

Lisa McShane

Lisa McShane is the Head of Home Loan Partners and Specialists at Bank of New Zealand (BNZ). With over 29 years in the banking sector, Lisa has honed her skills in customer engagement, team leadership, and financial advising. As the Head of Home Loan Partners and Specialists, Lisa and her team are committed to understanding the unique home-buying needs of each customer, and offering tailored advice and financial solutions to help New Zealanders achieve their property dreams.


Before her current role, Lisa served in various leadership positions within BNZ, including Head of West Auckland Region and Head of Customer Growth and Workplace Collaboration. Prior to joining BNZ, Lisa spent 23 years at ASB Bank, where she held roles ranging from Regional Manager to Head of Customer Design and Delivery.

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Since its inception over 160 years ago, BNZ has helped New Zealanders find a way. The bank employs over 5,000 people in New Zealand, working together to help navigate the people of Aotearoa towards a better future.

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