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Tony Alexander


Independent Economist & Speaker 


Wellington, NZ

Tony Alexander

Tony has spent three decades back in NZ since the 1980s writing more about the NZ economy than anyone else in NZ history, and in the past two decades has delivered 80-120 presentations each year around NZ and offshore. His audience has always been the average home buyer and property investor, plus small to medium-sized businesses. The thing he’s best at is speaking and writing in a language people can understand.


Tony’s areas of expertise include macroeconomic analysis with a focus on housing market dynamics, and since going independent in 2019 has developed a series of six monthly surveys which give unique coalface insights into aspects of the NZ economy. The surveys include that with covering mortgage advisors, a survey of real estate agents with REINZ, a survey of consumers and another of businesses on his list of 25,000 subscribers. He also conducts a monthly survey of property investors with Crockers Property Management, and of personal investors with Sharesies.


Seven years with Westpac Bank in Sydney then New Zealand from 1987 including a year and a half speaking each morning with Paul Holmes about exchange rates and the economy. One year with a sharebroking firm in Wellington as their sole economist then recruited by BNZ as Deputy Chief Economist in 1993 before being appointed Chief Economist from late-1994 before leaving in late-2019. Tony pent five years in total working in dealing rooms but from 1994-2019 travelled extensively around the country making presentations on the economy and wrote a large number of weekly and monthly publications and newspaper columns

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