A guide to why, when, and how to refinance your mortgage

Change is constant. When you set up your mortgage originally, the interest rates were applicable to the housing market at the time. Likewise, the size and term of your mortgage was appropriate to your income and outgoings at that time. You had a new home, lots of set-up costs and were just finding your feet […]

Refinancing your mortgage after a breakup or divorce

Despite the best of intentions, not all business and personal relationships survive the test of time. If the partners own a property together they’ll likely share a mortgage, so what happens to that loan if they break up? In a business partnership, there’s usually a written agreement about what will happen in various scenarios, including […]

Why work with a mortgage adviser for refinancing?

This article provides information on working with a mortgage adviser when you’re refinancing a mortgage. We also have a free service that connects you with one of New Zealand’s mortgage advisers from our handpicked panel. First up, let’s define ‘refinancing’. It can be a confusing word, because it’s often used to describe the process of […]

How many times can you refinance your home loan?

The short answer to this intriguing question is ‘as often as you want to’. Refinancing, aka remortgaging, can be something you do regularly, to either save money with a better interest rate, adjust your repayments or release some equity to achieve life goals. However, refinancing always involves some cost. Also, if you apply for a […]

How do I calculate my mortgage repayments?

One of the simplest ways to see what your regular mortgage repayments would be is to use our mortgage repayments calculator. You can also use it to check the effect of increasing or decreasing your regular repayments, or making a lump sum repayment at some point during the term of your mortgage. And if you’re […]

When to refinance your mortgage?

When you originally set up your mortgage, it would have been subject to the floating and fixed lending rates for that particular day, with your specific bank. But things change over the years. It could be time for a re-look, with a view to saving some interest or improving your financial flexibility. Why would you […]

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