Planning a property portfolio for retirement income

Creating future retirement income by buying investment properties is a time-honoured way to build your wealth, so you can achieve freedom from work. And we’re not just talking about retirement in your mid-60s. There’s a global movement called FIRE (financial independence, retire early) that attracts younger followers. So whether you’re an empty-nester looking forward to […]

Buying a section or land to build a house in NZ

Are you considering a land purchase to build on straight away or to hold for future plans? Or maybe you want to build an investment property from the ground up? This guide will help you get started on the road to your ideal section, lifestyle block, or land and house package. Where is the best […]

How do I calculate yield on a property investment?

The yield on any investment usually refers to how much money it makes each year as a percentage of the amount invested. This percentage sometimes includes any increase in value, as well as the interest or other income generated by the investment. But when it comes to a property investment, yield usually considers the rental […]

Guide to buying a second home in NZ

If you’ve owned a property for a few years you could have a good amount of equity tied up in it, particularly after the increase in property values during the Covid years. It may be possible to use this equity for the deposit on another investment property. This other property could be your next family […]

A beginner’s guide to commercial property investment

Commercial property has provided investment opportunities for generations of New Zealanders. Options range from direct property ownership to investing in shares of commercial property companies. While most Kiwis are more familiar with residential property investment, there has been increasing interest in commercial property investments over the years. Most recently, market commentators have reported a surge […]

A first-timer’s guide to investing in property

Property investment has been big news over recent years. Low interest rates and soaring demand for property increased FOMO to record levels, so properties suitable for investment were being snapped up as quickly as they appeared. In response, the government moved the bright line for capital gains tax and is gradually phasing out property investors’ […]

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