What does it cost to build a house in NZ?

If you’ve been looking for a home for a while, you’ve probably put some thought into the option of building a new house or buying a new-build property. Committing a whole heap of money to something that doesn’t exist yet is a big step, but the rewards can be big too. There are many potential […]

A complete guide to first home loan grants and KiwiSaver

Buying your first home has become more and more challenging, particularly for Kiwis who may not have the option of significant financial support from family. To help address this, the New Zealand government provides several schemes designed to help people into home ownership for the first time. This guide provides a helpful overview of the […]

Buying a section or land to build a house in NZ

Are you considering a land purchase to build on straight away or to hold for future plans? Or maybe you want to build an investment property from the ground up? This guide will help you get started on the road to your ideal section, lifestyle block, or land and house package. Where is the best […]

New home vs existing home – which way should you go?

Choosing whether to build from scratch or buy an existing home is a question that many Kiwis struggle with. The decision outcome is highly individual. It depends on where in New Zealand you live, how much you want to spend and your ability to be approved for a home loan of the required size. Personal […]

A complete guide to bridging finance

Bridging finance can help when buying or building a new house before selling your old one. In other words bridging finance lets you get from property A to property B, before you get the money for property A. However, a bridging loan is just a temporary structure. You need to repay it as soon as […]

A guide to new-build construction loans

Buying a house off the plans that hasn’t been built yet can seem pretty scary. You’re usually signing up to a massive new-build loan for something with thousands of components that doesn’t even exist yet. How do you know what the finished home will be worth and whether you’ll end up getting what you expected? The good news […]

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