Refinancing your mortgage after a breakup or divorce

Despite the best of intentions, not all business and personal relationships survive the test of time. If the partners own a property together they’ll likely share a mortgage, so what happens to that loan if they break up? In a business partnership, there’s usually a written agreement about what will happen in various scenarios, including […]

What to do when your mortgage application is declined

If your mortgage application has been declined, it may help to know you’re not alone. Less than half of all applications are approved these days. While the new lending rules have certainly made things more challenging, declined applications have always been more common than you might think. At this point you’ve put in an application […]

Planning a property portfolio for retirement income

Creating future retirement income by buying investment properties is a time-honoured way to build your wealth, so you can achieve freedom from work. And we’re not just talking about retirement in your mid-60s. There’s a global movement called FIRE (financial independence, retire early) that attracts younger followers. So whether you’re an empty-nester looking forward to […]

How parents can help their children buy a home

With house prices accelerating in recent years and deposits outpacing first home owners’ best efforts to save, parents are now helping their children into a first home more than ever before. While parents and their children might prefer to remain independent, for many it’s the only way to secure home ownership. So here’s an overview […]

Buying a house with bad credit: a guide to your mortgage options

If you’ve had to deal with financial hardship or simply forgot to pay some bills in the last five years or so, you may find it difficult to get a mortgage from a bank. In this guide we look at how you can end up with a bad credit record, what you can do about […]

How to get a mortgage when you’re self-employed

Whether you’re a sole trader, a freelancer, in a partnership with someone or a director of a limited company, being your own boss comes with a lot of satisfaction. However, when you want to get a mortgage – for your home or an investment property – mainstream bank lenders will ask you to jump a […]

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