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Are you on the best mortgage rate? See a daily snapshot of the advertised rate from many of New Zealand’s top lenders. The rates have been grouped into different lender types. You can also sort the entire list of options by rate.

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Whether you need a mortgage calculator to work out your borrowing power, loan repayments or some help budgeting to work out what you can afford, you’ll find them here. Start with the budget planner, then assess your borrowing power and finally work out what your mortgage repayments would be.

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Budgeting is the best way to steer your finances, stay in control and prepare for managing your mortgage.

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Work out how much you could borrow based on some quick questions about your current financial situation

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Get an estimate of what your repayments could be, based on your mortgage amount, term and interest rate.

Buying your first home.

Purchasing a first home can be one of the most exciting but also challenging times of our lives. Finding and being approved for the correct mortgage can be complex and stressful – even for a seasoned property investor. We are here to help.

Frequently asked questions.

We want you to get the best answers to your questions about property financing, so that you can communicate easily with lenders and mortgage brokers. Our answers are neutral, because we’re not trying to sell you something. By sticking to the facts, we help you to make up your own mind about what to do next.

A good mortgage broker should know all the lenders, interest rates and fine print. They can help you to identify which mortgage deals will be the most appropriate for you and your circumstances.

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An offset mortgage lets you use money in another account (savings or everyday) to reduce the balance of your mortgage when it comes to calculating the interest charged. The money stays in its own account and is available as usual.

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An interest-only mortgage means your regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments only include the interest charged. So you don’t repay any of the money you borrowed (known as the principal) until the end.

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Change is constant, so every now and then you should review your mortgage arrangements to see if there’s a better deal going. It might mean changing lenders or restructuring your loan with your existing lender.

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If you’re over 60, a reverse mortgage lets you borrow money for any purpose and not repay the loan or accumulated interest until your home is eventually sold. Only some of New Zealand’s lenders offer reverse mortgages.

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A revolving credit mortgage is like an all-in-one bank account with a big overdraft facility. You can draw down a loan, put money in and take it out whenever you like, provided you don’t exceed your limit.

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